Just when I Was About to Give Up

This website helped me when I was about to give up on finding a good deal on cable television www.cable-tv.com/comcast/kansas/wichita/. Who knew how expensive cable television could be. When we moved from one job to another we decided to look up the prices of cable television. My job was relocating me to Kansas and I thought maybe I might get better reception with cable TV over satellite TV.

The last three years I had satellite television and normally it worked out okay, that is until it would rain, and then I would lose all reception. I would be in the middle of my favorite show or movie and a small rain storm would come around and in fact it didn’t even have to be where I lived. As long as the rain was nearby I would lose the picture. Plus another thing that always bothered me was you could only record two shows and one time and one of those shows you had to be watching. I had heard cable television was far more advanced in the DVR’s and I could record up to four shows and watch a fifth one. Continue reading Just when I Was About to Give Up

Started Construction on the New House

We have worked out nearly all of the details and we are currently digging the foundation and the basement for the new house. With four growing kids we need a lot more space and this is going to be quite a bit larger. Right now I am in the process of figuring out what sort of home automation and security system I am going to put in, especially whether or not to do a deal with the local ADT provider or with some other entity, like for instance our cable company has their own home automation and home security platform. Continue reading Started Construction on the New House

Why Start Up Business Owners Should Hire a CPA

Many start up business owners try to go it alone when it comes to their finances. They think they are too small to hire an accountant, or they believe their work load is such that the finances will be easy to manage without any assistance. There are many reasons why a start up business should consider hiring someone to manage their financial situation. Here are a few. A CPA can help business owners to get their books in order and accurately determine profits and losses. Every business owner is in it to make money, and having an accurate picture of one’s financial situation can help to increase profits. If the books show that a particular product or idea is not working, it might be time to redevelop it or consider something different. Continue reading Why Start Up Business Owners Should Hire a CPA

Personal Finance Tips for Recent Graduates

As many young adults embark on their first career, they often feel that they are prepared for anything that life will throw their way. Unfortunately, a good number of these same individuals are woefully unprepared for the financial stresses associated with adulthood. Managing money is much more difficult than it seems to be, although a few helpful tips can go a long way to helping you get on the right track. Take the following advice to heart and avoid the mistakes that some of your peers may make.

Make a monthly budget. Write down how much money you make and any necessary bills that you have. Calculate your overage. Dedicate a portion of that to entertainment purposes and put the rest in savings. Continue reading Personal Finance Tips for Recent Graduates